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Point me in the direction of the weekend!
What fun things do you all have planned? It’s supposed to actually be nice here so I plan to be outside for as much of it as I can ☀️ and then we’re going to a concert on Saturday evening!
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  1. katie.wineandweekends

    Ahh these are adorable

  2. deafjourney

    Cute flats! ❤️

  3. francesbailey91

    Love these shoes! Afternoon tea with my mr !

  4. lovelybeforecoffee

    Oh how fun!! Love this cute pair 🖤🖤

  5. daintydaveblog

    What a fun photo!!

  6. carlyyael

    Where did you get those?? 😍😍

  7. hannahstyledit

    Oooooh love these Stripey mules 🖤🖤

  8. lastseenwearing

    These shoes will take you anywhere! So cute!

  9. sophiefriedstyles

    Where are those from???

  10. mdmstyleblog

    Those are the cutest shoes ever!!😍


    Oh I love these 😍


    Perfect caption!👏Plan on spending some time outdoors in the sunshine this weekend!🙌🙌☀️☀️☀️

  13. my40smyway

    such great shoes! nothing too exciting for this old mom. movies tonight & teaching at the gym in the morning.

  14. welldressedwellness

    These shoes 😍

  15. chicover50

    YES PLEASE!!!! 😍

  16. jen.griswold

    Love those shoes dear! Slow mornings and earth day celebrations!

  17. richhotbitch

    Love love love those shoes 💕

  18. lifestyledbykait

    These shoes are so amazing! Hope you enjoyed your weekend love! ❤️❤️

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