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Preppy yet edgy, here's Bumblebee 💛🖤💛🖤💛
Okay, she's probably not the preppy type, but I'm still digging this look. These dolls are so challenging to restyle, but once I find the right pieces I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. 😁 .
#bumblebee #dcsuperherogirls #dollstyle #dollphotograph #dollstagram #myfroggystufffanpics


  1. jojoantonelli

    My fav! Love her new outfit. 💛🖤

  2. empty___place

    У меня такая же. Только костюм другой

  3. luciags_00


  4. helenasdolls

    This is such a great look! 😍🐝

  5. greenvixenx

    I love it!!

  6. autumn_rose_83

    Now's there's a Bumble Bee look!

  7. makawaiimarveldc

    Love it! 😍😍😍 where did u get that shirt?

  8. sheiladrako

    Love her outfit. She’s the Queen Bee! 👑🐝✨✨

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