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Saw Frozen last Saturday with a chum who is in the Disney D23 group. He scored AMAZING seats as well as tons of other perks including a signed poster that is being mailed. I am so thrilled that @pattimurin , who I saw a gazillion times in Xanadu (and why I’ll always love her) is now a Disney princess #disney #waltdisney #frozen #frozenthebroadwaymusical #musicals #theatre #newyork #nyc #letitgo #pattimurin #caissielevy


  1. collector.badger

    A friend of mine plays Pabbie the Troll, hope it was a great show!

  2. kroffty

    @collector.badger He played Buddy in a production of Elf 😀

  3. collector.badger

    @kroffty he sure did, he’s also the Strong Man in the Greatest Showman, he is very talented 😃

  4. the_pop_lady


  5. paisleyandpoise


  6. star_warner

    Wow! It’s all so wonderful. My sis and I really want to go see it.

  7. rexus92

    This is so amazing!

  8. dragonflydesignsct

    Wow, that's some amazing swag