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He was super excited about his paw patrol underwear, so we are gonna jump right in an try this potty training thing - ready or not.  Advice welcome.  #pottytrainingtime #trapezoidboyd #wishmeluck #helpme #pottytrainingboys #pawpatrolislife


  1. tkk80


  2. anitamaxine

    Omg that last picture 😂

  3. gzinthekitchen

    Don’t go halfway! No pull ups ever! No more diapers! It may be a rough few first days, but it is way less confusing that way! Just stop liquids an hour or more before bed and teach them to try going every half hour or so and in a week, you will be golden!

  4. emjo_y

    @gzinthekitchen **taking notes** 😜😘