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Remember the blank wall from my stories? Weelll it's not so blank anymore! I got started on it this weekend and plan to fill the wall with three rotating columns of repeating pattern. I planned to use all shades of green but my son suggested adding some red in or orange. What do you think? All shades of green or add in pops of red and orange?
#onmywall #muralart #shadesofgreen #greenery #createeveryday #leavesfordays #naturepainting #natureinthehome #wallarts


  1. jaquienicole

    All green, but if you do color do orange

  2. candace_kay

    Def red/orange pops, tiny ones. In a watercolor artist and believe no painting is finished until there's a little red.

  3. flor.ette

    @jaquienicole thank you for the input 😊

  4. flor.ette

    @candace_kay that's awesome! I think I will try some small orangey red pops, if I don't like I can always paint over it 😄

  5. jamieamccabe

    I love it!!! 🌿🌱🌲I’m all about those soothing shades of green.

  6. tinycurl

    😻😻😻 that is GORGEOUS! Cant wait to see the finished product!

  7. pauline_hunt


  8. itsheathersauer

    Pops of color!

  9. flor.ette

    @jamieamccabe green is definitely in my top favorite colors 💚

  10. flor.ette

    @tinycurl thanks Kristina! Can't wait to get back at it

  11. metsoila

    Red and orange pops ❤️🧡!

  12. iheartsunshine921

    @flor.ette mine too! Maybe make little magnets or something you could stick on the wall in red and orange, then when you’re tired of it you could take them off and just have all green again- voila!

  13. flor.ette

    @iheartsunshine921 he!he! That sounds like a great plan!