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~ Benrath in #bloom ~
#magnolia #flowers 😍
#schloss #benrath #düsseldorf


  1. sina_arndt

    The colour is so beautiful😍 i didn’t see them here, yet🙈 i am still waiting for it!

  2. travelyour_life

    @sina_arndt Springtime here is my favourite season of the year! ❤ It's because I love all these beauties across the city! 😍I really love the white ones! 😉

  3. sina_arndt

    @travelyour_life every season has its own magic😍 they are beautiful indeed!

  4. travelyour_life

    @sina_arndt of course!❤ I said that because I prefer summertime in Greece or somewhere in the Mediterranean sea!😂😉😍

  5. sina_arndt

    @travelyour_life me toooo!😍

  6. travelyour_life

    @sina_arndt I wish that first you as soon as is possible and together of course!😍

  7. sina_arndt

    @travelyour_life would be great😍

  8. wtn_globe

    Nice! That's looks like a lovely place! 👌👌

  9. travelyour_life

    @wtn_globe It really is!Thank you! 😊

  10. rhatomi

    Nice pic, mate!

  11. travelyour_life

    @rhatomi Thank you!😊

  12. c_lopes_photo

    Beautiful 😍

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