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Fairford 1993 ejection

Fairford 1993 ejection


  1. kedarsclix

    Holy crap

  2. morph_pictures

    Wow crazy shot

  3. jemlyc


  4. thomas_moetteli

    Yeah, good time for ejection... 👍

  5. dahlerdavid


  6. joedugg82

    I was there!

  7. joedugg82

    I was there!

  8. wasabi_mongoose

    @joedugg82 Same here. Most memorable air show I have ever attended

  9. kevin36711

    I was there when tbey collided .. scary

  10. jocelyndellphotographer

    Saw the videos many times but this shot is incredible !

  11. gsmusic

    Thank God the pilot ejected

  12. scott_wilson_official_

    Wow! Incredible shot

  13. air_force_reports

    He du warst auch da..dann warst du ja ziemlich am Anfang der Bahn ..ich war damals auf der Tribüne

  14. berndhollstein

    great shot 😮👍

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