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This was not your average kitchen refinish. What an amazing floor. 
We sanded the old moisture cure off, and gave it the full @bona_pro finish treatment. Sealed with intense seal then two coats of Traffic HD satin. 
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  1. sprigglynn

    Super nice work

  2. bona_pro

    Very cool! Nice work

  3. tony.batts

    Absolutely stunning!!!

  4. bona_ne

    Nice work!

  5. bona_ne

    Nice work!

  6. alabamahardwoodfloors

    What species as in there? That is a great job, as usual! 👊

  7. smithflooringco

    @alabamahardwoodfloors thank you! The inlay has maple, walnut, Brazilian cherry, and ebony in it.

  8. alabamahardwoodfloors

    @smithflooringco I thought that was ebony, I've never seen it in a floor. Tough as heck to sand, huh? We have An ipe deck coming up, really looking forward to it😯!

  9. smithflooringco

    @alabamahardwoodfloors yeah it's difficult to sand, shows every scratch. Looking forward to seeing that deck.

  10. alabamahardwoodfloors

    @smithflooringco I'm hoping the weather is good here next week. If so, I'll start it. There's a lot of handrails to sand. Going to look into some high speed air grinders, or something like this. My orbital Sanders are way to cumbersome to be holding sideways all day.

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