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Thank you @northmillstoves. We’re nice and cosy tonight. Can’t wait to decorate this room now, so I can show you in it’s full glory. ❤️ 🔥❤️ #westfire  #northmillstoves  #woodburner  #cozy 


  1. northmillstoves

    Ooohh toasty! Have a great half term

  2. northmillstoves

    You are all very welcome (sorry pressed enter too soon and I'm only on tea!)

  3. xox_p_xox

    @northmillstoves will do and you too. Need a follow up appointment as we have a few teeny niggles. Thank you again for getting our stove in against all the odds. Xx

  4. tom.north20

    OMG stove!!!!!!

  5. xox_p_xox

    @tom.north20 it’s lovely. Just learning controls for optimum operational burning. X🔥😳🔥