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Testing out our new toys @thegreatgursky

Testing out our new toys @thegreatgursky


  1. thegreatgursky

    @rkaly I like my guns how I like my women....quiet 🤫😂

  2. wasatchguns

    Niiiiiiiice 🔫🤘

  3. monzionguilty


  4. buraktrkylmzz

    OMG awesome 😎

  5. pewplink

    Awesome 🇺🇸💪🏻

  6. colbeth2122

    All about those glocks I see

  7. recce_ryan

    @colbeth2122 Fo sho!

  8. armordilloconcealment

    Nice! You need one of our X-FER V2s so you can carry that setup.

  9. recce_ryan

    @armordilloconcealment I've looked at those, pretty nifty! I may pick one up at some point to try out

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