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Pretty happy with how this guy turned out.  I still hate metallics though. So frustrating to work with and get fine lines. #warhammer #warhammer40k #spacemarines #paintingminis #miniatures #gamesworkshop #secretweapon


  1. _shawnjames

    That shading work on the cape is class

  2. theragemage


  3. keanehughes

    Looks rad dude. Nice work.

  4. jenndyson2014

    How many of these miniatures do you have now?

  5. jumpjumpdie

    @jenndyson2014 too many 🤕

  6. jumpjumpdie

    @_shawnjames you should see the cape I wear to work.

  7. _shawnjames

    @jumpjumpdie I don't want my eyes to get pregnant

  8. carlo.miniatures

    🖌👌😍 amazing work, your paint style is great

  9. jumpjumpdie

    @carlo.miniatures gracias