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Swipe to see the many faces this spice cake has that is now #ontheblog  The base has just 7 ingredients like all the recipes from #veganin7  Super delicious, #vegan  wholesome and #refinedsugarfree !! Will put the link up in the stories for you, the only hard choice is choosing which version to make.. Anyways I am off cake baking for my girl who is turning 7 tomorrow 🎈Enjoy your weekend!! #veganfoodspot  #veganfoodlovers  #foodstyling  #f52grams  #foodstyling  #healthyfood  #letscookvegan  #eatrealfood  #healthychoices  #herbivore  #inseason  #cleaneats  #healthyfoodshare  #eattheseason  #veganfood  #onthetable  #plantbased  #eatrealfood  #organic  #forksoverknives  #ritaserano  #huffposttaste  #eatwell  #myopenkitchen  #heresmyfood  #tastingtable 


  1. mytinygreenkitchen

    And happy birthday to your little girl 💛

  2. sweatdreams_budapest


  3. jordyns_channel

    Jeepers!!! This look amazing!!!!

  4. silvia_salvialimone

    Happy birthday to her!!!!

  5. twomarketgirls

    Beautiful recipes!

  6. soffl_ee

    Dear @ritaserano looking so good. Hard decision what to bake first. 🤔😜 When / date will the book published in German? I remember u told there would be a German version soon

  7. steenshoney

    Looks delicious and happy preparations for the birthday. Such a lovely age being 7. 😘😘😘

  8. holasus

    They look lovely perfect for that cup of coffee ☕️ in the morning

  9. shisodelicious

    Ahhh happy birthday to your angel!!

  10. livingminnaly

    Love how versatile it is! Looks beautiful. And happy birthday to your little one ☺️💓

  11. masterchefmom

    Wishing your daughter a very Happy Birthday Rita 🎉🎉🎉🎉 🎂

  12. lialemonandvanilla

    They look fab Rita. Hope your daughter had a fabulous 7 years old party 🎉 xx

  13. juutlovesfood

    Congrats to your girl sweetie✨❣️🎈🎉 this cake looks delicious ❤️

  14. tastyasheck

    All the cakes look so intriguing 😋 when I’m back I need to dig deeper in your wonderful book💝

  15. naturellebynatalia

    Mmm! So interesting looking, Rita!


    Such a versatile recipe! Lovely ❤️😍

  17. dani_boshkova

    Great idea!

  18. pearfectbalance

    Ah the first variation is the most beautiful :) Happy birthday to the little one!

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