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Here’s the full look from Wednesday’s blog post✨🌲💍This dress is perfect for any winter wedding or occasion and is less than $150! PS. my leopard purse flap is now on sale for less than $45! •
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  1. lifewithlaurenann

    So gorgeous! I love the details in this dress! You look beautiful! 💕❤️

  2. sweetdarlingblog

    @lifewithlaurenann aw thank you so much! You’re so sweet!

  3. sweetdarlingblog

    @allthingstaylored thanks Taylor! I need to wear it more for sure 😊

  4. sweetdarlingblog

    @sprinkledstyle thank you!

  5. 4theegirl

    Stunning dress💚

  6. thecoolhipmom

    I really love that color

  7. xomelissavictoria

    Such a perfect special event outfit!

  8. madlystyled

    Pretty color on you doll💫

  9. brooklyn_terry

    You are so adorable babe!

  10. sweetdarlingblog

    @4theegirl Thanks so much!

  11. sweetdarlingblog

    @thecoolhipmom thank you! So glad you like it

  12. sweetdarlingblog

    @xomelissavictoria aw thank you!

  13. sweetdarlingblog

    @madlystyled thanks girl

  14. sweetdarlingblog

    @brooklyn_terry aw thank you sweet girl

  15. moderiviera

    Gorgeous! So obsessed with this dress!

  16. samanthahansen

    Love that dress!

  17. sonia_gail

    So pretty! ❤️

  18. the_imperfect_ten

    Such a beautiful color!

  19. styledinsequins

    Love your dress!

  20. brittany.pelland

    Love this dress such a pretty colour

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