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Gilles Villeneuve being Gilles Villeneuve 👌
📷: Ferrari
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  1. mcrohner

    @instalonso No, it was Color Fotos and even Color TV, shortly before Japan had HDTV. 😂

  2. gcshoeman

    @jacobchora the first car I loved.

  3. carolina_rides

    That's a dope pic

  4. izaak0_0


  5. madion666

    Crazyest F1 driver that ever lived

  6. mohammedkamran261

    Back to the drawing board. 😔ah how can I beat even the concepts cars.

  7. morriszilla

    Gilles, a short driver kicked asses!

  8. myrontcl

    Mate, you should've checked luit slopsema's f1 2019 regulation on youtube. It's good

  9. cris_marques17


  10. mubashersaeed


  11. nicolofrison


  12. johnnyp110

    So much potential never realized...

  13. iztokfranko


  14. geffry_yea

    The only one❤️

  15. alxscg

    @instalonso it wasn't black and white in the 70s 80s wtf😂

  16. a._.mcc._

    @uberkaisersosse that’s jaques (or however you say it) not Gilles

  17. jonat402

    Salut Gilles

  18. brielcamp

    Oh yeah!!

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