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Visiting the Robinson gardens today. January 2018. #robinsongardens #beverlyhills #gardens #losangeles


  1. alex_ciorobea

    You have the air of a film star from the Golden Age (i.e. back when Hollywood stars were making films, not movies and the only black & white was the film)

  2. juanfernandobastos

    @alex_ciorobea thank you so much my friend..well, when I took pictures of you the response when people saw them was pretty much the same! ;<)

  3. alex_ciorobea

    @juanfernandobastos really? Haha never knew that...

  4. juanfernandobastos

    @alex_ciorobea oh yes...!

  5. maria_la_placa

    Que guapo es mi amigo! 😘

  6. juanfernandobastos

    @maria_la_placa gracias mi linda amiga!