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Akainu!🔥🔥Amazing! But ok how do you want him to die? 🤣🤣. • • See the video trailer and details in previous post 😉. • • [credit to the studio] #akainu  #aokiji  #kizaru  #kaido  #yonko  #bigmom  #vinsmoke  #garp  #animeart  #onepieceart  #onepiecemanga  #toyelites  #toysaremydrug  #onepiecefans  #ace  #firefistace  #portgasdace  #sabo  #roronoazoro  #blacklegsanji  #vinsmokesanji  #trafalgardwaterlaw  #law  #trafalgarlaw  #doflamingo  #mugiwaranoluffy  #brook  #onepiecelover  #animelove  #onepieceaddict 


  1. kurairaiko

    I don't want him to die, 'cause he's one of my favs and all this hate for him is getting pretty old and boring.

  2. brahwija

    Damn.. he is my fav! I wanna see him in the future killing famous character again 😉😆😆

  3. torisanimenest

    Oh dang hello there team Akainu hehe 😅

  4. onpulicious

    Tbh I really hope Kuzan will finish him off. Maybe together with Ruffy!

  5. daniakainu

    Where can I buy? Thank you

  6. toymantomy

    That's all kinds of dopeness right there 👍🏾💯👍🏾

  7. gatsu_22

    Chopper should just choke him out 😅

  8. jordyreynard

    @randyhartanto_ keren tod

  9. hassan_shami

    Hate this guy, problem is it looks great, I already deposited for it and am from Kuwait, shipping charges will kill me 😶

  10. ihutnik_002

    @hlghlighten hay que admitir que la figura e sla poia

  11. aquaokumura

    Boi i hate him so much but this statue is so amazing...But i can't buy him so I will wait for another aokiji maybe this time with led 😂😂

  12. shishou350

    @gdicarlo1986 @jiji_body_fit

  13. eremcel

    Fuck you so much akainu! I cant wait for the day luffy kicks ur ass all over the place !

  14. iman_pict


  15. darc_reign

    I would love to hat that in my house 😱

  16. rikugymnast


  17. flylo7

    @linc852 @rikimaru_852 @idysterr And this one.. dat magma holy shit

  18. joses__tech


  19. joses__tech

    This is the one I bought that coust me a lot..

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