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Can I just say how much I hate the impact that social media has on my thoughts? I see ppl posting condescending comments on the weight on the bar and reps performed etc, and I feel like it’s making fun of me for writing out what I do. I am always scared of judgement “oh, she’s just bragging..” or “ who gives a shit what your working weight is, no one even knows if it’s set x reps or vice versa , just get the work done, you shouldn’t be doing it for likes, stop saying “hey look at me..”. I like being able to look back 1, 2, 3 years and know what I was doing, how I’ve improved, etc. What’s wrong with people doing that anyways? Does it bother you that much that people like to keep up with how they progress? And even if they are doing it for #instafame  so %*#^**^ what?! At least they are putting in work. People always have shit to complain about. Why don’t you worry about yourself for once? Why don’t you try to instill the change you hope for. Don’t talk about it, be about it. Spread love on other people’s pages. Uplift one another. Stop being assholes. You all are sharing a passion, why don’t you show how awesome it is and the parts you love about it rather than all the negativity? I second guess my posts every day now, I’m almost to a point that idk why I even do hashtags or anything else. No one really gives a shit...except me. I’m the only one who will still be here if I fail, if I get injured or if I succeed, No one cares about what I actually do except those who are doing it with me. I’m doing this for me. So future self, this was 245x4 for 5 sets and only the last four sets are shown because 60 seconds isn’t long enough for all five sets of my slow ass squats. #magesticalmusingsofanangryunicorn  #part1  #zerofuckstoday  #jaffestrength  #spreadlovenothate  #getoveryourselves  #theresabiggerpicture  #fakefriends  #norsefitness  #bigbootybitches  #beemcdeemademe 


  1. jaffestrength

    Salty unicorn 😂 ❤️

  2. blanca_villoch

    Keep posting your videos, who cares what anyone thinks! So many other things to worry about these days that are more important than other powerlifter’s opinions lol. I look back on my videos and posts from months ago. I see IG as a way to keep track of stuff and also i have fun with it for entertainment. Do you!

  3. cherylvdv

    My thought on your squats was, girls got good depth 👊🏻😊and I agree, spread positivity!!

  4. nursegirl71

    well said, keep doing you! I love your videos and find your strength encouraging!

  5. bee_mcdee

    #bigbootybitches  is missing...just saying....

  6. tiffnbrad3

    I love seeing your videos and your numbers! I find it so motivating! I do understand what your saying though! I feel the same way when I post and sometimes I just won't post at all because honestly I feel like no one cares. Its a damn struggle! I love how honest you are! Its amazing to watch you and follow you while you do what you love! @fueledbyiron

  7. hulkiscomin

    Wow, same here. I had to disable comments on some bc random ppl were so discouraging. One of my favorite phrases is Do you Boo! And that’s what I do- ME

  8. tiffnbrad3

    I'm so happy I can do that for you! That seriously made my heart smile! I love watching other people lift it gives me life😍 its one of the most fascinating things to witness! I just wish people would see it that way instead of making someone's comment section full of negative words that can totally damage someone's confidence! Thank you so much for the wonderful words! I truly appreciate it❤❤❤@fueledbyiron

  9. literaryluna

    Haters gonna hate. They're free to unfollow you if they don't like what they see/read. 🖕 'em! You do you, girl!

  10. squatnova

    Lookin' super fine! 😍

  11. suzanne_davis_ifbb_pro

    haters gonna hate.

  12. kristinjohansen_64

    Haters gonna hate. Rise above!

  13. shes_a_frick_howze

    Whose being rude?!?! F*** EM!!!!! I think it's awesome!!!!!!! You're awesome 😘😘😘😘😘 Keep doing YOU!

  14. find_a_way_up2018

    You’re very motivating! Don’t stop posting or hashtaging- bc how else are others gonna be motivated? Keep rising and progressing!!💪🏼

  15. hellokatt13

    You are an inspiration, @fueledbyiron ! Fuck the haters!

  16. coachdish

    Haters gonna hate. Don’t let it touch you.

  17. julene_adams

    Fuck. Yes. To this post! I think you are super inspiring. Keep it up!

  18. moe_pangle86

    @fueledbyiron I don't even know you but HELL freakin' YES to your post!!!! 🙌🙌🙌I follow you bc of inspiration and you have done just that!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  19. icareaboutnothing2

    @fueledbyiron YOUR DOING GREAT AND JUST STAY IN YOUR OWN MIND.... DON'T THINK about anything anyone comments on your posts. YOUR THOUGHTS ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT MATTER !

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