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Our beautiful new bar area is the perfect place to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail in style #Lasan #Birmingham #stpaulssquare #Cocktails


  1. saj_rupert7

    @misschander @anglena_x

  2. tandoor_i


  3. misschander

    @saj_rupert7 @anglena_x I think we need a get together soon guys 😍🍸

  4. saj_rupert7

    @misschander I know... there are only so many things I can tag you guys in before you get the hint 😂

  5. misschander

    @saj_rupert7 Lolll I know...did we say Saturday 16th or 23rd....ive got a church thing on 16th for a couple of hours in the evening...23rd would be better? What u think?

  6. saj_rupert7

    @misschander you know me, I can be free whenever; so whatever date works best for you guys!

  7. misschander

    @saj_rupert7 @anglena_x ang how are we for meeting up on 23rd Dec for food n drinks ?

  8. anglena_x

    @misschander @saj_rupert7 guys i agree 23rd will be better 😊

  9. saj_rupert7

    @anglena_x @misschander sounds good to me!

  10. nat_hydge

    Our next get together @dr_marcus_brody?

  11. __realness__

    Hi is your food fully halal? @lasan

  12. lasan

    @__realness__ Hello, we have Halal options on the menu. If you could please give one of our team a call on 0121 212 3664 they would be very happy to assist you further

  13. shellyt_4

    do you have a drinks menu?

  14. bekjh30

    @hayleighstevens8 not long 😋

  15. lasan

    @shellyt_4 we've got a fantastic selection! Please give us a call on 0121 212 3664 for more details

  16. iamafoodphotographer

    Saw the renovations last week and everything looks great guys!!

  17. lasan

    @iamafoodphotographer thank you! ❤️

  18. bullyboi89

    @iamafoodphotographer shame they haven't paid the contractors that did the hard work to a high standard ay!! @lasan

  19. lasan

    @bullyboi89 Hello, very sorry about this I will investigate this immediately on your behalf. Would you please send an email to expressing this? Thank you.

  20. lasan

    @bullyboi89 Thanks Steve. We don't have any contract with you directly, all of our contractors were paid on completion.

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