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Probably all the faulty ones returned by the US Army for being 💩. 😂 Limited? Limited function that is...Smh 😳
What do you all think? Which handgun should've the US Army gone with? 
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  1. 2sikazntrukr

    I agree, m9a3 or glock wouldve been best.

  2. beardlightyear_114

    Sig p226, it’s only the best pistol ever.

  3. clintx1911x

    I heard a rumor the CZ p09 was submitted and did very well but was disqualified for not being modular. Same with glock and the m9a3.

  4. deadliest_battles_and_armory

    Well idk if it was submitted or not but I would say the Heckler Und Koch USP

  5. hogtown_customs

    Probably going to be made of chocolate

  6. iroperatoryet

    Maybe they will be made so they can use a proper grip?

  7. jswib

    That grip tho.....

  8. jswib

    That grip tho.....

  9. jswib

    That grip tho.....

  10. mylespergallon

    That's cute... I'll stick with my Glock 🙃

  11. thenigerian_nightmare

    They should have went with the M series Glock with safety and lanyard hole

  12. cadn24

    Glock 19

  13. justsomerandomnigga

    Lol is this the one that fires when you drop it?

  14. stevetalcott

    Will it fire when dropped?

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