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Consistency is 🔑


  1. knowledgekicker

    @deuntawilliams_ you already know my G

  2. prettabrwneyez

    @deuntawilliams_ you're welcome

  3. eddieb_757

    Man listen...

  4. d3nnis.r0dman

    I rock wit the vision my boi!

  5. deuntawilliams_

    @d3nnis.r0dman yessir!! Tryna get like you!!

  6. deuntawilliams_

    @eddieb_757 my guyyyy

  7. drew_merc

    Want some, get some.. Gives me chills!

  8. tjthorpe

    Grind then

  9. tiathemodel

    Just what I needed to hear. Thank you for the inspiration today

  10. al3spn

    Love it bro!

  11. beautiful_onyx

    I love it!!

  12. deuntawilliams_

    @drew_merc yessir!!

  13. deuntawilliams_

    @tjthorpe ya already bro!!

  14. deuntawilliams_

    @tiathemodel had to return the favor!!

  15. deuntawilliams_

    @beautiful_onyx thanks sis love ya

  16. deuntawilliams_

    @al3spn trying to get like Al that’s it Bro!!

  17. dee_abovethestaff

    Talk to em bro

  18. lilbill8062

    Proud of you bro...

  19. deuntawilliams_

    @lilbill8062 thanks big dawg... just vibrating

  20. jasondsimmons

    sweet shot!

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