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Which is the best Hulk to buy?? Guys help me out!! #marvellegends #marvellegendscommunity #marvellegendscollector #marvellegendscollection


  1. mrboredpanda

    The green one

  2. thecomicwatcher

    @mrboredpanda I was think the same 👌

  3. omegamutant

    I think it depends on what you want. I like the Marvel Select Hulks because the scale with Legends seems right. The legends are going to have more articulation though

  4. thecomicwatcher

    @omegamutant I don't need him to me articulate. Just a background in my marvel legends avengers display

  5. thecollector336

    @thecomicwatcher get the one on the top left corner with the light blue pants

  6. thecomicwatcher

    @thecollector336 is that a select?

  7. thecollector336

    @thecomicwatcher yeah but he looks good in size and look next to the legends

  8. thecomicwatcher

    @thecollector336 copy

  9. djeveltilbeder

    Hulkamania running wild!

  10. crazyfreddy_as6

    Top middle one...

  11. d_collects

    The honest truth is that there are not really any good, classic (non mcu) hulk. They either have wack articulation or wack sculpt or wack design or wack proportions or wack size or wack costume

  12. d_collects

    If you don't care about articulation get the marvel legends face off hulk. His hands are wierd though

  13. thecomicwatcher

    @d_collects I've notice this lol