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The days of fear and worry are less and less. Some may move through this process more quickly and some never quite make it to the other side. I am thankful that you have changed me. Gretchen you gave me purpose. Not that being Grady’s mother or Cody’s wife wasn’t enough. I have just always known. That I was meant for more. That I was meant to make a difference. And because of you and that beautiful extra chromosome my life has found purpose. #gretchenannefarmer  #youcompleteme  #lifeisbetterwithyou  #changingthefaceofbeauty  #morealikethandifferent  #nothingdownaboutit  #mymagiciscontagious  #downsyndrome  #handmade  #fashionista  #toddler  #toddlerfashion  #mygirl  #pigtails  #theluckyfew 


  1. valentinasthreds

    Aw that was one of my favs 😍 she’s a little beauty ❤️

  2. hadleypaigedesigns

    💖a blessing!

  3. yesenia_escoto

    Lol her face 😍

  4. thehouseofwheeler

    Her face, her pig tails, perfection 😍

  5. alohaandpalm

    Those leg warmers 😍

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