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The Coolest Shoes

#drivingshoes #hotfoot #heeltoe #porscheartdaily #porsche #914 #914world #vegas #racer #914rubber


  1. rawrsefi

    master piece 🔥🔥 Insta

  2. 1adizzle12

    Nice hahaha... Just need an air brush jean jacket to match!

  3. ian_r0s3n

    Was it just painted on?

  4. kurt.skelton

    Air cooled shoes!

  5. 914rubber

    @1adizzle12 and some small concert buttons.

  6. 914rubber

    @ian_r0s3n Yes. Apparently there is a place in New York you can send them to. #christmaswishlist 

  7. 914rubber

    @kurt.skelton 😆😆👊

  8. thatkidatcarmeets

    I found myself a nice idea..

  9. 914rubber

    @thatkidatcarmeets I know right?

  10. thatkidatcarmeets

    @914rubber i might just paint it on my Bride bag instead

  11. fueledby.passion

    Freshhh! Haha, that's what we called them in the 80's. We airbrushed jeans,jackets,etc.

  12. 914rubber

    @jmz930 Right before a dance off right😎 Radical!

  13. fueledby.passion

    @914rubber You wanna blattle? Beat Street, 😃😃

  14. 914rubber

    @jmz930 Pop and Lock brother 👊😉