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Fat cow from @sciborminiatures pretty much finished. Maybe work on clean up a bit, add blood, and find a nice plinth for it. Too many heads, and took me way too long to finish. But i work slow🐢🐢 #minipainting #miniatures #sciborminiatures #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #pathfinderrpg #pathfinder #ageofsigmar #fantasy #fantasypainting #art #warhammer #warmachine #goblin #orc #orruk


  1. dwarf_crypt

    Great work!

  2. kizillapainting

    @dwarf_crypt thanks alot! ☺

  3. ctfarach1

    Incredible! The sculpt and the paint job really bring the character’s story to life. 💯 Excellent!

  4. kizillapainting

    @ctfarach1 thanks! The sculpt is fantastic @sciborminiatures

  5. trollz_und_panzer

    Ive got some of his minis when I started the hobby but only 2 or 3are painted. Some easy ones. But my favourites are waiting till Im better:)

  6. kizillapainting

    @trollz_und_panzer I've seen your painted works in your page! No need to be humble, start painting your favorite haha.

  7. trollz_und_panzer

    @kizillapainting hahahahah. Thanks. My fav is 50mm scale dwarf on boar so may do it soon but also have Cthulhu dwarves on polar bears some chaos dudes and a giants head xmass tree decoration:)

  8. kizillapainting

    @trollz_und_panzer giant head xmas tree deco! Perfect time to paint that one up haha

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