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Housing disrepair claims : Do you live in a rented property? Check if you can claim for compensation. You can ask your landlord to pay you compensation if disrepair caused damage to your health or your belongings. You can start court action to claim compensation during your tenancy or up to 6 years after it ends. If you start your claim during your tenancy, you can also ask the court to order your landlord to do repair works. You can't take court action for compensation unless you report the repair problem to your landlord during your tenancy. You may prefer to start a compensation only claim after your tenancy ends. You can claim a reduction or refund of rent if you haven't been able to use part or all of your home because of the disrepair. The amount you can ask for depends on how much of your home can't be lived in. If you can only use half of your home, the court may decide that your rent should be reduced or partially refunded. You can claim compensation if you or anyone in your household was injured or made ill (or more ill) as a result of the landlord's failure to carry out repairs. The health problems can be physical or mental. The amount of damages you can claim depends on how ill you were and how long the illness lasted. If you were unable to work you could claim for loss of earnings. You can make a claim for compensation if repair problems in your home: made you or someone in your household ill damaged your belongings caused you inconvenience You can also claim compensation if you haven't been able to use your home in the normal way because of repair problems. Contact me if you need help. ‭ 0151 236 4706‬ Housing Disrepair Lawyers 17 Mann Island Liverpool Waterfront Housing Disrepair Lawyers and Just Call Karl are a trading style of ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT LIMITED is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities. Registration is recorded on the website Registered in England and Wales. #landlord  #rentals  #rent  #property  #house  #flat  #appartment  #let  #tennant  #rentals  #housing  #badlandlord  #justcallkarl  #housingdisrepair  #lawyers  #liverpoolwaterfront  #liverpool  #compensation