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Let’s go backpacking and hike around the world bae

Let’s go backpacking and hike around the world bae


  1. itsmegdre

    @travel.bboy never!!!!

  2. nextpillows

    good one, really like it

  3. 1fungrltravels

    Wicked shots!

  4. itsmegdre

    @1fungrltravels thank you 😊

  5. itsmegdre

    @nextpillows thanks!

  6. pavlukanec


  7. euro.wanderlust

    Great Shot! ↑

  8. worldwecapture



    Beautiful capture! 😍👌🏼Have a nice Sunday! ✌🏼

  10. ppaandaaa

    Love this ! 🙌🏼

  11. mastermatchmakers

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  12. dthailer

    Beautiful shot and nice gallery👍 Continue to Travel 🛩️ Share 🔄 Inspire💡 take a look to my gallery and follow me if you like it🤙Have a nice day😃

  13. hostelsclub

    Amazing 😍😊👏🏽 keep going with that stuff!! Which camera did you use and which lense?? :)

  14. defuentesphotos

    This shot feels very cool!!

  15. itsmegdre

    @defuentesphotos thank you 😄! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

  16. itsmegdre

    @duo_lipa 🙏

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