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Part 3: Snippets of Bangkok. . . This final part on Bangkok is about shopping at the immensely popular and world class mall called Siam Paragon, located in front of Siam Skytrain station. . The mall has over 250 shops spread over many floor levels, each with different experience. From high-end fashion such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Rolex on the first floor to a luxury car showrooms showcasing Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati automobiles on the second floor to an IMAX VIP cinema experience on the fifth floor, one things for sure...bring your credit card! . And of course, you can have a food experience in many of the international restaurants located throughout the mall. . . #traqtravel  #traveling  #vacation  #visiting  #instatravel  #instago  #instagood  #trip  #holiday  #photooftheday  #fun  #travelling  #tourism  #tourist  #instapassport  #instatraveling  #mytravelgram  #travelgram  #travelingram  #igvel  #bangkok 


  1. sofi_5912

    The mall looks really nice👀👍🛍😀.... have a wonderful day🌞🌞

  2. maprobird4898

    nice shot 👌👍

  3. s_khomchenko

    Very nice moments Hank👍. Born to travel 👍✌✈️🔝

  4. hai_anh_hoang

    I was overwhelmed when I came to Siam Paragon haha!! 😂and I had to line up for the buffet 😁

  5. vlad.semen

    I'm not a mall person and still consider it wow! We can all identify with the message from the t-shirt, right? 😄

  6. gisele7carneiro

    Photografy very beautiful ;)

  7. analee_nyc

    Wow Hank these are awesome captures of the Mall! The photo cover is so cool, what a creative bridge 😍❤️ and love the yellow car 👌🏻 I would like to try its food hopefully is tasty here 😋

  8. paulomedicijunior

    Quero viajar também! ☺

  9. voyagersoul

    This mall is probably my fav mall to go in bangkok! Love the tshirt saying born to travel but forced to work😂😂😂

  10. bleanil_19

    Love everything👌💕...but mostly, the Lamborghini😆😅

  11. my3butterflygirls

    Lots of great places it looks like .

  12. onestylesalon

    Huge mall😳Isn’t the escalator so long? The name Lamborghini seems for me Porcini😋Forced to work😱

  13. luxaurorae

    Awesome pics 💓✨💓🌟👌📷

  14. easygourmetliving

    That’s interesting. A bridge inside a mall😆

  15. eclectic.shooter

    Wonderful images of the mall, Hank! Yes, almost all the malls in Asia puts our Metrotown to shame... 😀👍👏👌

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