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Saving the best (😂ok the trickiest) for last. There have been alot of firsts with this mini Fairy collection. When the fairy fabric pack arrived my three girls were squabbling over 2 kid suitcases so I thought maybe, just maybe, I could make another one. Looking through Pintrest I found a suitcase tutorial from Ashley @crafterbynight (check it if you'd like to have a go) and after a bit of unpicking and some frustration (sewing corners with a zip) I now have a mini suitcase. I made my own bias binding - cut it too small 😥 so it was very fiddly to bind the suitcase. I love the handle, lace and denim 😍 #shcgetyosewon  #handmade  #kidsaccessories  #suitcase  #biasbinding  #lace  #denim  #upcycled  #upcycle  #sustainablefashion  #kidsfashion 


  1. dani_sewitall

    Oh wow! Love this!!

  2. sustainablehandmadecollective

    Go you! This is cool

  3. meeowww

    Ok you win! 💕

  4. zylee.chasing.dreams

    Oh wow love this 😍