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  1. __poodaaa_

    She is amazing they gave her no credit On love and hip hop#

  2. onlytommylovee

    Open them eyes girl

  3. knockings101

    Wow! Major soul in those pipes!

  4. sonderjolie

    Who did your lashessssss 😍😍

  5. irreplacable_one1


  6. _schenn_


  7. these_hoezaintloyal_

    She's on love n hip hop?

  8. mixedandproud_26

    @majorgaloredaily omg beautiful voice gorgeous

  9. tytrilly_music

    Hittin them notes 🔥👌🏽

  10. ms_reedyreed

    Saaaaaaang girl!!!! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  11. starsolvay

    Hi Titi I miss you

  12. shae.the.gemini

    Omg I thought he face was a filter 😂

  13. flowerbomb71513

    Loving the song it’s beautiful 😍

  14. raquelitatas

    Wow dreamgirl

  15. gettn_paid_catch_up

    Now this song cool is it hers or another remake

  16. chels.willsss


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