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Monday night vibes, me and my eye mask 👵🏻 #caseofthemondays #relaxation @nannettedegaspe


  1. renebyrdofficial

    Gorgeous photo! ✨

  2. sa_obrien

    Just put on my face mask too 👽

  3. alliecoffeeandpassport

    I could use a mask right now.

  4. meilinmccarthy

    Ooooo I have never tried using face masks 🙈

  5. elizagwendalynink

    I've never tried an eye mask but I've been waking up with swollen eyes a lot lately. Does it help with puffiness?

  6. karen.lao

    I could use that too!

  7. coppolacreative

    Matcha life! Looks relaxinggggg

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