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- Planetarium-Skybox (Level 1) - . Part's of my Skybox from the new 1. Level (Planetarium). (You can read/see more about this new Level at 'New vs Old 1. Level' in my Post before). . I never was in or see a real Planetarium, but i made nevertheless a Planetarium Skybox. There you 'are' at the Gas-Planet Jupiter (the Planet with the big Storm). You can see there 3 of his over 60 (!) Moons, my Sign 'Sagittarius', and different white Stars too. . Because i don't know how to made Star-Fog with Photoshop, i've found & use another solution (Black/Blue Star-Background) The Skybox is not completely ready, but the most in it. . . Jupiter & Jupiter-Moon 'Ganymede' (Picture 1): 1 of Jupiter's much Moons. I thing, it have no Atmosphere, but for a little cooler look i tried to made a dark-blue Atmosphere too. . Constellation/Sign 'Sagittarius' (Picture 2): This is the  Constellation/Sign from me, the Creator of this Game. In the real World, the Sign look other as here. But for easier Sign recognition i choose another look (for people that don't know how Sagittarius look's real in the Night-Sky). . Jupiter-Moon 'Callisto' (Picture 3 & 4): Another Moon of Jupiter's much Moons. . . No seamless Skybox-Problem? Sometimes (or often) your self drawn (or other Textures) have visible seams (or Edges) in the Skybox. Solution (when you've programmed all right): Transform only 1 Picture/Texture in 5 (or 6) Skybox friendly Textures, ;-) You can use Software for it like Bryce or Blender (need more work), or buy special Software. You can also learn, how to paint/made Skybox friendly Textures in Photoshop, but's not easy. . . Credits: The Jupiter Picture & Moon-Pictures are not made by me, i take them from NSSDC (NASA). The biggest white Stars are also not made from me (Photoshop-Brush). . . #Skybox  #Level1  #Planetarium  #textures  #graphics  #gamegraphics  #jupiter  #ganymede  #callisto  #Constellation  #Sign  #Sagittarius  #stars  #creativ  #NSSDC  #NASA  #gamedesign  #Skyboxdesign  #gamedevelopment  #gamedev  #indiegamedev  #indiedev  #gameproduction  #programminglife  #ghostworld3d2  . #texturen  #grafiken  #jupitermonde  #Sternzeichen ​ #schütze 


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