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  1. stevanovich_kaia

    I do 😂 never any 80-99% it was either a kill or nothing plus hearing my friends cringe because I didn't use the gnasher made it even better

  2. cogcouple

    @stevanovich_kaia the guy I shot had such a big lag advantage he just used Retro and SOS....... that was his saw off I used. I wondered if there was a delay running on xbox one and thought be better just to use the 360 for Gears3

  3. stevanovich_kaia

    @cogcouple I think there is a slight delay yes not to mention an input limit. For example you can button mash on the Xbox one while playing 360 games but it will never register more then a certain amount of presses per second even though you are going a lot faster. I don't remember how many anymore though 🤔

  4. pulsaapp

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  5. cogcouple

    @stevanovich_kaia connection and stability when playing online MP think I'll use the old one One be ok for beast and horde

  6. stevanovich_kaia

    @cogcouple I will be playing on Xbox one because setting up a headset is aweful on the 360 xD to many wires going everywhere plus I would have to change all my wiring to be able to record as well :P