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  1. donnalitovegan

    This is incredible..... Tel Aviv in Israel hosted the worlds biggest Animal rights march!!!! Please don't bother with your negative comments about Israel! This is about freedom for animals and their rights! #GoVegan  #TelAviv  #OneLove 

  2. donnalitovegan

    Brings tears to my eyes .... one day all cages will be empty and all animals will be free! #Abolitionist 

  3. donnalitovegan


  4. donnalitovegan

    @jamesaspey ๐Ÿ’š

  5. vegan_actress

    Omg awesome

  6. plant.powered.steph

    So awesome!!!!!!!!

  7. mel.kaufman

    Wish I was there and,I never saw this on mane stream tv.

  8. donnalitovegan

    @mel.kaufman Like the mainstream would show Israel in a positive light! Veganism is huge and growing faster and faster In Israel.

  9. sharon_marion

    Wow that's awesome!!

  10. mel.kaufman

    True I spent 3 months there,and was going to move there.But I chickened out,I as scared of going in the army.But I lived it and never felt more safe oddly enough