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Finally made it to the "top" of Mt. Shasta..meaning as far as you can drive to at 7900 ft. The mountain is over 14,000 ft. The first pic is a view from Bunny Flat, second is looking back down the final road above the tree line over to the Trinity Alps. Last is the view up to the top of the volcano. Weather was nice and cool and just a little smoke in the far background. This road just recently opened up in August and Panther Meadow campground still had snow over the bathrooms in July, which lies at over 7300 ft. So grateful to breath in this sacred mountain. #onlyinnortherncalifornia  #norcalhiking , #blmwild  #mypubliclands  , #usinterior 


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  2. malcss42

    Great to see the views from high up the mountain Kelly

  3. malcss42

    @msbird_123 Yes I've climbed on Skye. The black Cuillin on Skye are the most amazing mountains in Scotland. Very rough, with few easy ascents. Great place for rock climbing. To be honest I never feel like jumping off!! Maybe partly because of a serious climbing accident I had several years ago. But it is an amazing feeling to be on the top of a big mountain & feeling so high - like in the Swiss Alps.