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-Old vs New Worldscreen & Gamestory- . My selfmade Game Ghost World 3D 2 have 8 World-Screens, and the first Screen apear before the first Level starts. It has the name 'World 1/8 - The Way to the House from Professor Ghowo', and the Game Story (both in german). I've change the Gamestory (a little) too: V1 is in the left, and V2 in the right Picture (in german). Worldscreen 2, 3 and so on apear after some Levels later, and has other Text's. . Old Worldscreen (left Picture): Here You can see how the 1. Worldscreen look in the current downloadable Version of this Game (GW3D 2 v0.94, state: 26.02.2018). . New Worldscreen V1 (middle Picture): For the future Version of this Game i tried first to use a similarly looking Background Picture. . New Worldscreen V2 (right Picture): But after i build Worldscreen V1, i decided me to use a Star-Background instead. But because it look good here, but not in the Skybox, i made then my own Star-Background, that you can see here partly, in the right Picture. There is a Raster too (The green Lines behind the Text). I Made the Skybackground & the Raster with Photoshop CS2. I don't looked for, how Rasters in other Games look, but i have it a little in my Memory (Brain). The biggest white Stars are not made from me: I made they with a extern Photoshop-Brush for Stars. I made the Raster with a Photoshop-Filter or so, and change it a little. . . Im linken Bild ist der alte Weltbildschirm, und im mittleren & rechten Bild die 1./2. Version des neuen 1.Weltbildschirms, der ca. so zukünftig in meinem selbstgemachten PC-Spiel Ghost World 3D 2 v0.95 enthalten sein wird (Stand: 06.09.2017). . Außerdem verbesserte ich die Spielstory etwas. Was sich aus dieser kleinen Änderung sonst noch ergab, gibt's teilweise im nächsten Post zu sehen & lesen. . . #change  #Worldscreen  #gamestory  #oldvsnew  #newvsold  #Worldscreen1  #TheWaytotheHousefromProfessorGhowo  #textures  #graphics  #gamegraphics  #raster  #stars  #gamedesign  #screendesign  #gamedevelopment  #gamedev  #indiegamedev  #indiedev  #gameproduction  #programminglife  #ghostworld3d2  . #texturen  #grafiken  #weltbildschirmaustausch  #sterne  #vorhernachher  #weltbildschirm  #professor  #ghowo