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These little guys are so adorable! It is a shame they don't have names. 😲 A hot air balloon, windmill and the Arc de Triomphe! Well at least you can still get them in the game packs! 😄#spk#shopkins#spkhappyplaces#youtuber#toycollector#shopkinslove#shopkinsfan#moosetoys#spkfan#toycollectors#toyphotography


  1. dizzy_bat

    Wait what are these cuties from?

  2. dizzy_bat

    Where'd u find the games?

  3. dizzy_bat

    Ok thanks I will make sure to look for them. They are just SO CUTTE! And I bet that in a little their names will be released online😊😍👍❤

  4. celestialpacas7

    I want them SO much!!! I'm just hoping the games will go on sale, cuz i don't actually want to keep the games, I just want the shopkins! I usually buy them and then trade them at the tru swaps, but I don't think there's probably going to be another one till season 9? Have you heard any different?

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