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  1. harry.hugill

    I love scooters

  2. el_hardflipo

    Love hit has

  3. n.or.m


  4. yung.pige

    at least it can't reproduce

  5. yvng_tidepod

    To be honest I don’t hate all scooters only the little ass scooters who have razors I fucking hate two of my worst slams are from those fucking snakes

  6. nathanleveque_

    They throw at least, you skate them, you mock but you will never dare to do so respect us and shut you down

  7. jerekurvi

    @ninoskott äijä o feimi

  8. scum_tv


  9. biglou_photo

    I think it was the hat being on sideways that threw him off?!?!? Naw on second thought it's his parents letting him ride that piece of shit.

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