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Happy Saturday guys! Enjoying the sunshine and what looks like the arrival of our "spring" 🌸🐝🦋with these little nicecream pots - vanilla, strawberry and raspberry 💖 have a gorgeous day loves 💋 #nicecream #dessert #icecream #pink #beautiful #beautifulcuisines #feedfeed #howisummer #healthychoices #plantbased #vegan #govegan #foodpics #picoftheday #berries #eatcleantraindirty #fitness #carbs #foodphotograpy #heresmyfood #thefitfabfoodie


  1. rebelrecipes

    So so pretty sweetie 💗💗💗💗

  2. breakfastwithflowers

    Happy Saturday Meera 😍💗

  3. may__leen


  4. dreamalittlemagic


  5. lauracoeur_com


  6. alltheworldisgreen

    Beautiful 💗💗💗

  7. rachel.steenland

    Super pretty nice cream pots! Those spoons are cute too- I have the same ones 😉🌸❤️🌸❤️

  8. frangipani003

    They looks sooo yummy 💖💖💖

  9. threestepstravel

    Hey, lässiger Stil thefitfabfoodie ✨👍

  10. thefitfabfoodie

    @tropicallylina yesss 🌸 happy Sunday Lina! 😍

  11. _mel_dev_

    @thefitfabfoodie Thank You!!! They are so beautiful I will buy them asap!!

  12. madeby_danica

    I know a few little girls who would love these!!!👧👧👧💕💕💕

  13. alessandra_eminente

    Beautiful 😍

  14. 2inao


  15. 2inao


  16. eathealthierspendless

    Those spoons look so gorgeous! 💞💞💞

  17. greensmoothiegourmet

    Such pretty 3 pots! ❤️❤️

  18. _mel_dev_

    @thefitfabfoodie Any idea what the name of the spoons are? I tried finding them on eBay as you said, but I'm having trouble!! Please help!!!

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