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  1. gunnybuns

    I remember that line. Haha

  2. create_jake

    @gunnybuns we stood in the normal beer line when you were here. This was a special release line.

  3. gunnybuns

    Ohhh. Haha

  4. pearlygirl425

    Oh my golly day ... I hope it was good .. 🍺😎

  5. aniesaballinger

    I hope you brought a book. Or five.

  6. create_jake

    @aniesaballinger it was only about an hour, swapped beer stories in line

  7. create_jake

    @pearlygirl425 awesome beer for sure

  8. aniesaballinger

    @create_jake I once stood in line for a Ruth Reichl book signing and it was great to talk to the other cookbook geeks. You were totally in your element, I'm sure :)