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This is the bowl I've been waiting for. The perfect shoyu ramen. It might be my least favorite type. Even at the best places, I find it too tart, often masking the chicken or pork in the dashi. But this was just crazy. Negi oil, some chicken fat, and some secret stuff. . . I actually made this one at @ramenschool_rajuku . Thank you so much @goramen for recommending me to this very professional ramen lab. Thank you to Chef Koitani-san and Chihiro for their wisdom, patience and hospitality. I know that I know a decent amount about ramen, but the techniques and ways of the chefs focus on the finest details and make them perfect. If you really want to become a ramen chef, you need to be here. It isn't just for everyone though. . #ramenloversbelike  #datbroththo  #truecooks  #tokyoeats  #shoyu  #cheflife  #jiragensyndicate  #ramendreams  #alwayslearning 


  1. erlinggarriock

    Looks delicious, and not a small bowl either (speaking of which - look how tall you are)! I'd agree that shoyu is rarely my favourite base, but I'm sure with your recommendation I'd give it a try. Have you ever made a shio ramen yet? Delicious, especially at this time of year.

  2. erlinggarriock

    Speaking of which, have you stopped past Tsuta or Nakiryu yet? I've been to Tsuta, and it really was phenomenally good... Nakiryu will be on my list for the next time i'm in Tokyo.

  3. kevnishfm


  4. vegas_ryan_84

    Wow, what a growth spurt you had there.

  5. brielmaciel

    @muriloha um sonho

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