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Playing with macro lens. • #HeroClix #Miniature #DoctorDoom #NvrmoreToyPics © #OhioToyKick #toy_photographers #toptoyphotos #toysaremydrug #wheretoysdwell #toyunion #ToyGroup_Alliance #toyartistry #toyboners #toycrewbuddies #toyslagram #toyphotography #excucollective #toyspotcollector 
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  1. doctornvrmore

    @jcmilone 60mm. Love it but still figuring it out. 😜

  2. jcmilone

    I think I want the 100mm one.. heard it makes a good portrait lens too

  3. greaterbeast

    All the right details 😍

  4. doctornvrmore

    @jcmilone Yeah I looked at that one long and hard but couldn't pass up the deal on the 60mm - seen the 100mm used on eBay for around $260. Almost got it. But was a little nervous about used from unknown seller. Got 60mm used actually too but I trust @tanya.darko and the 60mm was in mint condition.

  5. doctornvrmore

    @greaterbeast It's fun shooting this small but still learning how to do it right.

  6. gimme_toys

    Ooo nice shot! 👍

  7. wikitoybox

    Wow!! Nicely well done, great shot Agent J!

  8. non_1072

    Superb, Doc!

  9. doctornvrmore

    @dansolotoys Too kind. Thanks.

  10. doctornvrmore

    @gimme_toys Thanks so much!

  11. doctornvrmore

    @wikitoybox Thanks Agent K!

  12. doctornvrmore

    @sparkles_yoga Thanks Jess!

  13. doctornvrmore

    @non_1072 Thanks Stu! :D

  14. tuskenmilkbar

    So awesome man!

  15. tanya.darko

    I wonder how small this figure is 🤔😁

  16. doctornvrmore

    @tuskenmilkbar Thanks Thomas!

  17. doctornvrmore

    @tanya.darko maybe an inch tall... :)

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