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Literally walked about ten miles around Barcelona today 😵☀️💃🏼🏝🏛#maybeishouldhavegotthebus


  1. twotreehammock

    Rachel Ross Niiiiiice image!!!!🔥✊🤛

  2. oliverledgercastro

    If you have time go to Girona, it's like 30 mins on the AVE.

  3. oliverledgercastro

    It's where I lived for a few years, also happens to be where they filmed game of thrones. And it's worth seeing!

  4. ray.saros

    @oliverledgercastro oh noooo, I am doing Monserrat tomorrow and then I fly to Italy! Otherwise I'd have loved to have gone there. Game of Thrones 😍

  5. oliverledgercastro

    Well Cataluña is too amazing for one trip, you'll go back again. And then you can squeeze in some Girona time hahah

  6. ray.saros

    @oliverledgercastro oh definitely - I've completely fallen in love with Barcelona and I'm dying to come back already to explore the area more. Such a nice vibe! I was tempted just to stay here but the rest of my trip calls! When I visit Girona in the future I'm coming straight for you for all the advice! ☺️