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Ernie Ball/Music Man Axis Super Sport left handed. This one has a quilted Maple top,HH pickups and the vintage tremolo. @ernieball #303 #720 #ernieball #musicman #drumcity #drumcityguitarland #wheatridge #denver #5280 #denvermetal #denvermusic #musicmanaday @dimarzioinc #lefthanded #lefty  #madeintheusa Available in-store and online @


  1. faramarznbi

    @rokyericksun To me: hell no:))) in that case i should say goodbye to a massive body resonance and character, plus many tuning issues...

  2. faramarznbi

    @rokyericksun First of all i'd rather check out the body resonance by playing the instrument acoustically so it reveals it's true features. second, why all the complications if you can have a string through body instrument hah?:)) i'd rather opt for a fixed bridge rather than having to fix something which is not designed for. Plus, I'm thoroughly aware of the "common" tuning issues which may happen to any guitar/ guitarist, but what attracts my attention, is the excessive value of tuning issues which are caused by aggressive playing. I have a jackson stars( loaded with a german made floyd rose) and an Ibanez rg420 and a Majesty, and i'm quite happy with three of them. But a music man bridge has a better stability and quality IMO. Even a schaller trem is a better alternative for a floydrose. Of course this is my personal experience and taste though.

  3. mazericvt

    Rock on!🤘 😎 🤘

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