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Crazy mushroom miso ramen with 4 different types of 🍄🍄🍄!!! Super complex, and so much umami from ramen pro chef Justin Carlisle's stay at @ramenlab ! Get there before the 18th to experience an amazing and bold but subtle bowl. #ramen #ramenlab #tastethesun #ramenloversbelike #datbroththo #ramenmke


  1. kumquats

    @jcarlisle22479 👏🏼

  2. jcarlisle22479

    A honor to have you in! Thank you so much

  3. seanybonbon

    Wow is this the first time you've made ramen?? Too bad I don't like unami

  4. chefjoshr

    @seanybonbon "Unami" 2k16

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