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  1. hannah_alexander_artwork

    Argh I can't wait to see the finished photos!! The movement of the fabric is gonna be so gorgeous!!!

  2. ravennewton

    Holy . . すごい*\(^o^)/*あいしてるね〜

  3. adriennelovelygram

    #legendary  as always, @yayahan ❤ I just bought your new glove pattern! 🖐👍Thank you so much!!!

  4. kailynmcisaac

    Mulan is my fav ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. alienbranflakes

    Woooow! It must be incredible to travel to beautiful places like this just for cosplay. 💚💚 @minishbunny

  6. therealnursejoy


  7. fan_anime_otaku_

    * lake Léman 😡😡😡😡

  8. doublenanndrea

    Oh my gosh this is beautiful! You and the back drop!

  9. jessicajtvgirl

    Ooh so pretty!

  10. doubletoastcutie

    Lake Genevea??? Like in Illinois???

  11. avengerjedi

    @smol.bun.cosplay like Europe.

  12. cheonaavalos

    O m g incredible magnificent

  13. ricarmo

    @be_moya @sar_villanueva @princepelayo

  14. otaciliofranca

    You are beautiful and the look of place is also very beautiful !!!

  15. otaciliofranca

    Você está linda e o Visual do lugar também é muito bonito!!!

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